Catch Costly Damage Before It Happens

Count on us for scheduled truck diagnostic tests in Saugerties & Hudson Valley, NY

Most machinery doesn't just break down out of the blue. If something is wrong with your truck, an experienced repair specialist can spot the damage and save you from costly repair work. Route 32 Truck Repair LLC offers scheduled maintenance plans in the Saugerties & Hudson Valley, NY area. We'll run numerous truck diagnostic tests on your vehicle, then take care of any problems before they cause a break down.

To ask about our truck diagnostic tests, call 845-247-7294 now. Whether you need a quick oil change or a new tire, you can count on us to keep your truck in peak condition.

Check over your truck before you get back on the road

Check over your truck before you get back on the road

Route 32 Truck Repair takes pride in our custom heavy and commercial truck maintenance plans. Our services include:

  • Oil changes
  • Fuel and oil filter changes
  • Tractor lubrication
  • Gear box inspection
  • Coolant level inspection
  • Coolant hose and belt inspection
  • Steering and windshield wiper fluid filling
  • Wiper blade and air filter inspection
  • Tire tread depth measurement
  • Air pressure inspection and tire inflation
Contact Route 32 Truck Repair today at 845-247-7294 to schedule your next oil change. You can speak with a truck repair specialist in Saugerties & Hudson Valley, NY about your maintenance plan options.